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Hotel "Angara"


Hotel "Angara" is located in the center of Irkutsk, near the main square of the city- Kirov square!

Hotel "Europa"


Hotel "Europa" is located in the heart of the city Irkutsk! The hotel can offer you accommodations with different categories of room from standard to presidental!

Hotel "Irkutsk"


Hotel "Irkutsk" can offer you accommodation in the cultural and historical center in Irkutsk!

Historical Irkutsk

Irkutsk churches

Historical city center is the square of three churches: the Church of the Savior, Epiphany cathedral and Polish cathedral.  

1) The Church of the Savior(1710) was built by the master Moisey Dolgikh, it was the second stone construction in the city. The church type is similar to townsman style, which reflects the succession of the old Russian traditions. This building bears the signs of such a phenomenon which later was defined by the scientists as “Siberian baroque”: sunken picture, multi-edged frame. Church of the Savior there is an Eternal flame, the memorial commemorating the soldiers fallen in the battlefields of the Great Patriotic war.

2) Epiphany cathedral (1719-1746) is a real architectural gem of Irkutsk, being colorful and ornate, decorated with tiles and painted like a tawdry painting. It is boasting exquisite window frames, decorative corbel arches and fancy cornices. One can easily notice the influence of the Old Russian traditions and baroque, characteristic of the Russian North.

3) One can’t but see the light, arrow like building of the polish cathedral. At the end of 1884 the first religions service was conducted in this church. Irkutsk architectural treasure was enriched with the unique building with indisputably outstanding art features, a bright example of late gothic style. The main altar gave the official name to the whole church: Irkutsk- Roman-Catholic church of Virgin Mary Assumption. As destiny would have it, the majority of the church goers were Polish people.

4) No other church evokes such a big attention like the Crucifixtion Church. The church was built on Krestovskii hill, at the foot of which for a long time an old wooden cross had been standing. But what makes the Crucifixtion Church really famous is the unique decorative optical softness of the façade walls with complex patterns made up by geometrical figures, which is very characteristic of the decorative-applied art of the Buryat people.

5) Trinity Church. The setting of the frames is made according to the traditions of the Old Russian architecture, and clearly outlined cornices, sunken paintings are the bright example of Siberian baroque. Till 1990 the pillaged and devastated building was housing a planetarium. After the reconstruction the church was returned to Irkutsk eparchy.

6) The Church of the Kazan icon of Virgin Mary embodied the high spiritual sense of the Orthodox religion: the Virgin Mary of Kazan is the patroness of the Russian land! It is built in Russian-Byzantine style. Skillful carvers, gilders, silversmiths, icon painters took part in the setting of the church interior. Iconostasis and the Holy Gates are decorated with exquisite gilded carvings. The main iconostasis contains a carved silver-plated image of st.Lukas.


Museum-estate V.P.Sukachev

Russian gentry estate is a special world of the Russian national culture. That is why one cannot but mention the estate of Irkutsk mayor V.P.Sukachev. The complex contains several wooden constructions with the obvious traits of the Old Russian style. It is just gorgeous with the opulent wooden laces and simple immaculate architecture. It reanimates the feel of the gentry estate of the 19th century, organizing music-literature parties, concerts, theatrical performances and balls. The famous winter garden was also restored to look like it used to look in the past. The house also presents the permanent exposition “Siberian chinaware”.


Museum of the city history.

A lot of things, connected with Irkutsk, can be defined as “the first, the only, unique”. To find the evidence of it you have to visit the Museum of Irkutsk history. Here we see the history in its broad sense as the development of architecture, as the historical and cultural monuments. The life of an Irkutsk resident is shown on different historical levels-as if looked upon from inside, through the everyday life, traditions and family way of living.

130 square

130 square -Specially created area of historic buildings in Irkutsk, which includes several monuments of architecture and history of the city. The square is situated in the southern part of the "historical center of Irkutsk" at the intersection of several streets: Lenin, Sedova, Timiryazeva, Red Rebellion and 3rd of July.

On the territory of the 130 square, Irkutsk people began to build houses in the early XVIII century. At that time the land was abroad from Irkutsk and developed by rural type. All the buildings were made ​​of wood, the area remained unimproved, so by the beginning of XX-th century, houses were more like a village rather than monuments of architecture.

In the square will be restored wooden houses only on the perimeter of the area and those that have historical value. There are 32 wooden houses. Also lost will be restored 16 buildings and 8 moved from other parts of Irkutsk. They will be located blacksmith and pottery shops, souvenir shops, cafes and restaurants.

In addition to historical monuments  will be new. Among them are hotels, restaurants, art galleries, cultural centers and an amphitheater for 2,000 people, which will be connected with a musical theater of Zagursky .




Irkutsk is located in Eastern Siberia. It was founded in 1661. Today this city is the cultural, scientific, historical and administrative center of Irkutsk region, 600 thousand people live in Irkutsk. Irkutsk is very popular among tourists. It is among five most popular cities of Russia in attendance tourists a year. The main sightseeing of the city is Lake Baikal, which is located 70 kilometers from the central area of ​​the city. In Irkutsk, a lot of old buildings, many of which have not been subjected to restoration works.

It has a location on the banks of the Angara River at the point where the river merges with the river Irkut. From the name of the river came the name of the city. Irkutsk is 66 kilometers to the west of Lake Baikal. The climate in the city is sharply continental with strong changes in temperature. Small earthquakes are constantly taking place in the city in connection with the location of the Baikal rift.

Rest in Irkutsk

Irkutsk annually visited hundreds tourists from different cities and countries. City often used to welcome guests, so there are many different hotels. The most popular among tourists are the following hotels Irkustka:

• “Angara” hotel

• «Imperiya Hotel» ("Empire");

• «Delta»;

• «Gloria";

• «Star."

1)“Angara” hotel. Location is excellent, the center of the city, on Kirov Square, directly opposite Irkutsk City Hall.

The hotel is ready to offer for its customers a lot of interesting activities and entertainment: Spa salon, billiards, gym, a variety of bars, cafes and restaurants, sauna and swimming pool.


2)Exquisite hotel «Imperiya Hotel» ("Empire") is for people who love comfort. Design Hotel Empire in the classical style. The hotel is located in the center of Irkutsk near the commercial and historic areas.


3)Hotel "Delta" is located just 5 kilometers from the city center and 70 kilometers from Lake Baikal. The hotel is suitable not only for tourists but also for business travelers, because for them there is a conference hall.


4)Hotel "Gloria" is a four-star. It is located in the center of Irkutsk. The main sightseeing of the city located only a few steps away from this hotel. At the same time the hotel is located in the shopping areas.


5)The hotel "Star” ,18 rooms in various categories offered to customers. All rooms have a bathroom and shower. There is Jacuzzi in “luxury” rooms. All rooms are very cozy and comfortable.


Irkutsk won a large number of travelers. Many tourists who once visited Irkutsk, consider  that this city is one of the best in Russia.

Hotels in Irkutsk

Irkutsk- it’s not only capital of Siberia, but also amazing and beautiful city. If you plan a trip to lake Baikal so be sure to take a few days for this place.

Hotels of Irkutsk offer different variants of accommodation for their guests. There are budget hostels, small cozy hotels and also big hotels.

Location in Irkutsk city center is the best way to meet with city, then you can easy walk around all of sights, and you can reach to the railway station or airport for 15-20 minutes.

In summer time you should book accommodation in Irkutsk in advance, because often in high season remain the most expensive rooms.

At this page presents the most popular variants of accommodation in Irkutsk, prices 2015. For booking you can contact with us any way you like.



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