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The hotel "Crestovaya Pad"


Hotel "The Ninth Wave"


Hotel "The Ninth Wave" is located in  Listvyanka, just 200 meters from the shore of Lake Baikal!

Hotel "Baikalika"


The hotel is 200 meters from the shores of Lake Baikal in Listvyanka in Irkutsk region.

Listvyanka is a small tourist village on the Baikal, stretching  along the shores of lake at 5 km, 70 km from Irkutsk. There are food shops, museums, fish and souvenir market in the village. There are many hotels and restaurants. Also there is very beautiful Baikal zoo, where live bear, fox, sable and others fauna of Baikal region. One of the three Baikal seal  is in Listvyanka. In general tourists visit sightseeing places as:  Shaman stone and Cherskiy peak, Baikal seal, fish and souvenir market.

The Shaman-stone

Source of Angara -the widest and the largest source of river in the world. According to the legend of  Baikal, his daughter Angara falled in love in the Enisey, her father Baikal threw the Shaman-stone between them, because he was against their love. The belief of shamans different spirits lived on the stone, also were many rites on the stone. Here there are 15 thousands water birds in winter. On the helipad, opposite The Shaman-stone there is shopping stalls with fish and souvenirs. There are many boats on the pier, their hosts can offer you ride to the Shaman stone.


Cherskiy peak

Cherskiy peak- the top of one of the coastal mountains in Listvyanka, height is 755 meters. From there you can see beautiful panoramic view of lake Baikal, The Shaman-stone, Listvyanka and port Baikal.You can climb on the chairlift road to the observation deck all year. Also you can side down on the ski slope in winter, also you can go for a walk. 


Baikal museum

The most unique in it is aquarium, which presents visitors opportunity to see the underwater world. You will see with your own eyes: living Baikal omul, grayling, burbot, carp, sheatfish and e.t.c.Nowadays Baikal museum is one of a kind, because no aquarium in the world has such a low temperature -4C. 


Aquarium of Baikal seal

Baikal seal is symbol of lake Baikal, the one of the most beautiful of its inhabitants (обитателей). Baikal seal is the one seal in the whole world who live in fresh water. Baikal seal is common around lake Baikal, but in general in the northern part of lake. You should visit Aquarium Baikal seal and see beautiful animals of lake Baikal. You can’t see it in any corner of the planet!


Fish and souvenir market

There are local fish and souvenir market in Listvyanka. In the local market near bus station, you can buy souvenirs for you and for your friends and relatives. Local arts sell picture with Baikal seal (symbol of Baikal) here, beads and birch bark products. The very good present is CD with foto and film about Baikal. Local people sell souvenirs and tasty Baikal fish here, also they rent apartments for tourists.


Accommodation in Listvyanka

At this page you can find information about guest houses and hotels in Listvyanka. There are many different variants of accommodation: from private houses to luxury hotels. All of this differ from each other their comfortable and distance to Baikal. On our site you will find optimal variants in terms of price and quality.

Listvyanka-very popular place among tourists. We recommend you to book accommodation in Listvyanka in advance, because of in high season often there are no free places here.

Many hotels also offer different additional services as meeting in the airport and transfer to Listvyanka, excursions around Baikal, booking tickets. If you stay in hotels in Listvyanka you can visit such sightseeing as museum Taltsy, Cherskyi peak, Baikal museum and also popular fish and souvenir market.

If you want to book hotel in Listvyanka, contact with us to call or e-mail.




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