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Olkhon island

“Sunny” guest house


"Sunny”guest house is on the island Olkhon, in Khuzir,500 meters from Lake Baikal.


Mini-hotel "Baikal"


The mini-hotel "Baikal" has a beautiful location, only 150 meters from the coast of Lake Baikal, also there is a beautiful view on Lake Baikal from rooms.  

Olkhon island

Olkhon Island is a place that time has forgotten, Here you get a really pretty experience of  travel.

10 reasons you must visit Olkhon:

1.Olkhon island- sacred of Baikal.

Olkhon is the largest and single habitable island on the lake Baikal. The length of the island is 70 km. There are a lot of mountains and rocks, one of them has a picture of the rocks, it’s very naturalistic silhouette of the dragon.

Population of the island is 1600 people according to the latest dates. The most of people live in the village Khuzir. There is a Museum in Khuzir, where you can see a rich collection of Antiques, which reflect the life of the islanders. 


2.Legends of Olkhon.

It was considered that on the Olkhon island there are all the spirits and deities. Nowadays the shamans spend rites there. You can also see many ribbons and scraps, which saved here as a tribute to the spirites.

According to legends, Olkhon has unique property- in different time it becomes above and below. But despite this the water level remains the same. 


3. Burkhan cape(Shamanka rock)

This cape is situated at the west coast of the island and is the ninth most sacred places in Asia. This is one of the most famous places in Baikal, Burhan cape has status of the state’s natural and historical monument.


4. Horse riding

Bicycling and horse riding are the most common ways of transportation within the island. Here you have a chance  to riding!Leave cars and other transports and after you feel a greater sense of freedom and culture of Olkhon.


5.Local museum

There is a local museum in the village Khuzir, which displays archeologigal materials, which tells the ancient way of life of the indigenous people. The museum also exhibits various religious items and shamanic traditions, as well as the minerals, local flora and fauna of Lake Baikal.


6. Khoboy cape

This is the northern point of Olkhon island with the best in terms of landscapes and picturesque views. You will see the deepest point of Baikal. Khoboy cape is a place of links the big and small seas. According to the legends, the first Buryat shaman came into the power.

*In Buryat Khoboy- fang or molar tooth.

7.Village Khuzir.

Khuzhir is the center of Olkhon, it is village where various concerts, exhibition and  entertainment are held. You can buy vegetables and fish (Baikal omul) in Khuzir. Khuzir is the largest village on the island, attractions such as Burhan cape (Shamanka rock), Khoboy cape and Local museum are in this village.

8.The rock of three brothers

The rock of three brothers is real Buryat legend about shaman and his three sons. This is the white rock, the length of rock is 1 km. The other name of this rock is Saagan-Khushun.


9.Peschanaya village

It is spooky place  of  soviet fishing village was built and worked on by prisoners during the war, but today serves as a spooky reminder of the past. Nowadays the sand has swept up from the beach covering most of the village except a bridge and the remnants of the houses.

10.Baikal omul

Omul is endemic fish of lake Baikal It belongs to the salmon family and is commonly caught, smoked and sold in the markets or on the side of the road. It should definitely  in your "to-do" list!




Olkhon island accommodation

At this page you can find information about accommodation on Olkhon island and prices 2016. The main guest houses and hotels are located in Khuzir – touristic center of island. Camping, guest houses, hotels on Olkhon island differ with their accommodation and level of comfortable.

Our company offer you only own accommodation on Olkhon island, we can respond for it’s quality. “Sunny” guest house has good location, 500 meters from shore of Baikal and uncomfortable accommodation( toilet and shower on the territory) in the cozy houses, total number -200 people.

Mini-hotel “Baikal”- it’s touristic complex, which consists of several buildings, houses and cottages. There are superior rooms(toilet and shower in the room) and standard rooms( toilet and shower on the floor for 4 rooms).This hotel on Olkhon island has a perfect location, only 150 meters from Baikal. Also there is a new conference hall here, which suitable for any event or seminar.

All our hotels offer different excursions and trip around island with own guides. We also offer every day transfer from Irkutsk to Olkhon island.



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